Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Fast

The thigh in the picture is so ridiculous. Just tacky Photoshop-ing

I've decided to ring in the New Year with a fast. Why? Because it should be really exciting to see exactly how I'm going to dodge food on such a "big" day.

Actually, I thought to myself... "why not?" I should be able to grow some and tell my family firmly that I'm not hungry if, in fact, I'm not. So, my goal is to go three days without any food. If I do it well then maybe I'll aim for longer, but right now, I think 3 days should be plenty difficult. (It's JUST three days, right?) If I get really caught in a sticky situation, I'll opt for a "liquid" treat, but no more than 100 Cals worth. Soft-drinks, etc, but let's hope it doesn't boil down to that. The second day is always the hardest, but I'm determined to get through it.

I should be fine with tea and water (absolutely no food). Discipline and control is what I'm going for here. Wish me luck. Anyone that wants to join in is more than welcome to.


  1. Go for it girl! Im watching your every step!

  2. Good luck! (: i'll be joining you for the new years fastttt (: they say you should spend new years the way you wish to spend the rest of your year...i'll be spending the rest of my year losingg (:

  3. You're such a thinsporation! Love your blog:)

  4. I'm the same height and weight as you !
    Good luck with your fast =)

  5. hello! I follow you, and I'm also the same height and weight as you. I think that since we are already at the same spot, we could definitely try to lose weight together! Let me know, my blog is if you want to look at it