Sunday, December 20, 2009


Feeling tired and a bit dizzy. Did cardio for an hour again, today. I think I'll take a break tomorrow though. Let's see how sore I get.

Apparently, I inadvertently did some schmoozing today. How so? Well, I made some soup for lunch but I didn't eat it. Instead I put it in tupperware and walked it to my neighbors. They offered me some snacks. I told them that I already ate. "Would you like a drink?"..."No, thank you." It wasn't really a lie. I had 3 small carrots, a banana, and 2 wheat thins for breakfast. Ultimately I had some tea.

Then I came back and not long after had a craving for some gummy bears. Damn. Luckily it was only a small sachet (140 Cals). Not too bad.

I had to run off to meet a friend. I narrowly escaped eating lunch with her and her family. PHEW. They did however insist that I have a juice pouch...correction, two. It would have been extremely rude to decline. I had one and really didn't want to have the second, but finally gave in. I figured I would burn the sugar off with my jump rope later on, anyway. I think those two pouches/boxes must have been 200 Cals combined.

As exhausted as I am, I'm feeling pretty good. However, I don't think I want to chronicle every day. Sooooo, I'll wait to update when I lose another pound or two - or after Christmas, depending on just how entertaining that turns out to be. That scale better start moving, even if only by half a pound. Not that I would know. I don't necessarily trust it, though.

Good luck with your holiday goals, everyone. Remember, don't give in.


  1. Good work love!

    You seem very motivated :)



  2. keep it up! it sounds like you're really staying focused. your blog is great by the way :)

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