Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sorted that out...

Kind of.

So, it turns out the scale wasn't playing tricks on me. It actually was reading heavier because it's that time of the month. TAH DAH! (If only I were actually genuinely amused). Crapsticks! I don't mind that it creeps up so regularly, but are the cramps so necessary? I won't give TMI but REALLY? REALLY? REALLY?. I wasn't going to do anything today (in fact, I lazed around for about an hour or so) but it got so painful I forced myself to go for a walk. I'm a bit relieved actually, because it means that in about a week, after I've pushed myself really hard and my stomach is ready to slap the shit out of me, and my body is aching and cursing me out, I would have dropped THAT weight and be that much more closer to my goal(s) - even if only by 1 pound.

My uncle called me in the morning to ask if I wanted to go for lunch. I lied and said I already fixed something and ate. I didn't want to go through the salad and bread ordeal again.

Today I grazed...very lightly. Breakfast consisted of 1/3 of a fruit bar (55 Cals), a fruit strip (40 Cals), and a cookie (60 Cals). Lunch was 4 mini rice cakes (30 Cals), 2 almonds (maybe 15 Cals) and a diet Coke. What's crazy is that I don't even drink soda when I'm in the States. When I get back I'm so chucking that habit. Here sometimes bottled water is hard to come by so you order any other bottled liquid which is usually a fizzy drink. Thank goodness there's diet. But overall, I find that the bubbles burn, or is it just me?

I'm feeling good and a little bit hungry now that I've taken a bath and relaxed a bit.

My legs are a little sore because I got another hour of cardio today. Woop woop! (*'s the eye of the tiger...*) - *screech/scratch* - I had to stop skipping about 5 minutes to the hour because I got a really bad cramp in my side. Not the monthly kind. When it finally seized I made up for it with another 7 minutes of skipping.

I returned the crappy bootlegged DVD the guy around the corner sold me. It didn't play. I told him off (very politely). I demanded a replacement and checked it first thing when I got home. That's what I'll be doing in the next few minutes until I fall asleep.

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