Thursday, December 17, 2009

What do I call this one?

Yesterday was wasted on the sink. I had to go to bank and withdraw money (a nightmare), buy the sink parts (doubly so), and wait for the plumber to finish the task. I can't believe it took 6 hours. I mean, I CAN believe it took 6 hours. Everything here is so much more difficult, especially with the heat. So, sadly, no interviews yesterday, and wound up eating more than I wanted to in the evening. I think that due in part to the fact that I didn't sleep the night before, trying to submit an application online using this god-forsaken modem. I wouldn't be so irritated by the day, talk less of blogging about the sink, had he done a good job. Incompetence is rampant around here. Every time I turn the sink on, water dribbles out from the lower cabinets and into the drain in the floor. RIDICULOUS! I couldn't be bothered with calling him back today. It probably would have been worse and may have ruined my day.

Today was good. Spent a fortune on calling people for my project. But work is work. I didn't get farther than the compound, but I rather liked it.

I didn't eat until evening. I probably would have gone without any food today, but I suddenly had the world's worst headache. As if there were 1,000 little women, with a 2,000 tiny hammers, having a go at my skull. It was intense. I knew it was lack of food. I finally caved in and had some turkey jerky (hell, if I'm going to nibble on something, damn straight it's going to be savory), but it was still too painful, so I had a fruit bowl. It calmed down a bit then came back. I had a biscuit and some rice cakes but it wasn't any better, so I had a bowl of sauteed veggies. *sigh* At least it finally went away. That was certainly a new intensity for me and I didn't want to take any meds on an empty stomach. Especially since the anti-malarial pills make me sick as hell already.

All in all, I must have consumed 700 to 800 Calories. Actually, it could be less. Regardless, it's way more than I was aiming for. I don't think the scale will be moving anytime soon, but oh well. At least I tamed that beast. I'll try again tomorrow. I think I need to lay off the tea...or maybe have more caffeine...Hmmm.

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  1. Honey, every day is a new slate.
    A chance for success.
    Imagine all the people out their, who on the VERY SAME DAY, stuffed themselves with 3,000 to *gasp* 4,000 calories!!!!!!
    Even 2000!
    I say that's a win anyday.
    But hey, we didn't get here by comparing ourselves to others, now did we?
    Oh wait.

    Point being, you will get there.
    I feel it in my bones.
    (hehehehee PUN)
    Ooh, and a REALLY greatwonderfulawesomeamzing trick, buy K20 protein waters.
    The protein gives something for your brainy-brain to munch on, (instead of itself) and the best part- ZERO GUILT.
    here's to better days,