Friday, December 18, 2009

Hell yes!

Nice legs, right? Ya, I wish mine looked like those...soon enough.

So, I didn't fast today. Which is okay considering I wasn't necessarily aiming for that. I didn't go today without food but I feel good. It could be the endorphins.

The guest is gone and again I have my space and time to myself. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind guests it's just tougher if you have to chaperon for most of your day.

Breakfast was half a fruit bar.

Lunch...Well, I had to have lunch with my uncle today, so I made sure I ordered a tuna salad. Not too bad, except I forgot to ask them to hold the cheese and the corn. Oh well. It wasn't much cheese. I made sure to have just one small slice of bread, because he thought it was odd that I was picking of the sprinkles of feta.

We had some tea and checked out some local art. I got a pretty awesome bag.

Got home and did about an hour of cardio. Love my jump rope. Yay!

So, although the scale is stubbornly stuck (in fact, I think it's gone up - it's a pretty crappy needle scale purchased locally) I feel good that I was able to exercise.

That's all...I think I'm going to watch a movie on my laptop.

1 comment:

  1. Have you ever got your medical physical done?
    I'm gonna guess your heart health is amazing.
    I mean, all that jump roping does a little more than burn calories!
    Does your guest ever eat with you? Or no?