Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hungry? You're on the right track.

Even if it's just a slight hunger. After all, it's at the core of most diets, talk less about my 'diet'.

I woke up this morning a bit dizzy. I could barely stand. I've been eating far fewer Calories a day than I typically do. About 1000 fewer than average and a bowl full of cabbage, carrots, cucumber, and two boiled eggs, yesterday for dinner probably isn't going to help my energy level. When I realized that moment... I felt great! It's been a while since I've had that feeling. I told myself that this is the feeling of progress, and progress is a wonderful feeling even if it comes with a stomach grumble.

Something came over me and I resolved to not eat anything today. So far so good. For breakfast I had a large cup of caffeine-free apricot flavor tea (w/ 2 Splenda packets), for lunch I had a diet coke. Well, technically a can of Coca-Cola light. I needed the caffeine because I'm working on applications for school, which is really difficult to do because I'm out of the country at the moment. Dinner is still a work in progress. I remembered what I used to do in the past when I had lost a lot of weight in less than 3 months. An improvised soup!... which, I'm sure sounds absolutely ridiculous but we all have our techniques and this one works for me. So long as I can trick myself into thinking that I'm gaining some sort of nutritional value from the soup I make then I can stay on track and a little more focused.

What's in the soup? It's mostly water with half a bouillon cube, a couple drops of chili sauce, salt, black pepper, and occasionally 2 baby carrots and 1/2 cup of cabbage. I go easy on the salt because there's so much in the bouillon cube already and I don't want to retain too much water. If anyone reading this has any tips and variations on this, they're highly welcome to share. So, anyway, this soup comes out borderline bland but just a step up tastier than nothing. Today, no chunks (for lack of a better word).

In the meantime, I'll see how long I can go on nothing but liquid. I have to admit that I'm looking forward to the dizziness and grogginess. Call me masochistic if you please. The worse I feel, the better I feel trying to get over it but still resisting to give in.

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