Friday, January 29, 2010


I feel like such a freaking failure. Not only have I not lost any weight. I've gained three pounds and some change. That's almost 4 pounds. WTF! I'm so disappointed that my first post after not having internet and all the madness that I've been dealing with is not at all positive. My family has come and gone and left me feeling like a big, fat, pig. I saw a friend last week after not seeing him for a couple weeks and the first thing he said was "OH! You've gotten fatter!" Asshole!

I'm such a disappointment to myself. I'm realizing that right now is not the best time to post anything. It's going to all come out as negative and self-hating and I don't need to put that on all you wonderful people. I'll post later when I calm down.


  1. Hey, it's only three pounds and a bit. No big deal. It will come off easily in a few days, and you'll be even more motivated to take off this weight and more! Put a biohazard sign on the fridge and pantry, and keep a glass of ice water handy. You will lose it in no time!!


  2. Hi, I'm Emma!

    Don't let your friend get to you. Lose those four pounds and then some just to spite him. Sottile is right, you can do it!

  3. Hey... I just wanted to say that 135 lbs... is where I started. Then i started the fast one day, restrict another... and got down to about 125.

    I recently decided to do a 15-day fast. and am current on day 8.

    I'm at 116.5 as of yesterday. It's not so bad darling. If I can do this... I KNOW you can.



  4. I know you don't know me, but I'm going through something really similar and it really sucks. I feel like I've gained at least five pounds and I've been so embarrassed and ashamed that I've been wearing sweat pants almost every day for a week. :X

  5. OMG i totally know how u feel. the weeks/important days i MOST need to be thin i pig out and blow it. keep strong!!! <3

  6. Wow, what a dick your friend is. Studio people say that kind of shit flat out all the time, but friends...ouch. I say don't call this guy a friend anymore and post anything you damn well please. If you can't on your blog, where can you? good luck

  7. Seriously? What a dick. 3lbs could easily be water weight, don't let it get you down. It'll fall straight off if you stick to whatever you usually do to lose weight.

    I don't mean to be whoring myself out, but I'm the same height as you and have the same GW, so I was wondering if you'd be up for being my first follower ;) I feel a little silly writing knowing noone's reading it.

  8. Hello girls as you may have notice I have a new blogger once again!! The first time I was clumsy and deleted it the second time however my blog was reported and shut down!! Unfortunately for the person who reported me, they are unaware of my DETERMINATION and MOTIVATION to make a POSITIVE change!!

    I hope you all are having an AWESOME week and sorry I could not be there to share it with you. However I am back and hope we can support each other =)

    “Life's ups and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals - Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want”